Accessories and Unique Details for Fashion Industry Interviews

Dressing the part for a fashion industry job interview requires attention to detail. Whatever your budget, these suggestions will demonstrate your creativity (this is the fashion industry after all) and express your personality. Today we’re looking at accessories and imaginative ideas to inspire your fashion job interview outfit.

Dress the Part: Unusual Accessorising

ASOS Stylist Gamze recommends: “add unique touches to your outfit, they might become a talking point in the interview.” (Want more expert industry advice?) This doesn’t have to be limited to your clothing: try tying your favourite silk scarf in a bow around the strap – it’ll show you have an eye for detail.

Talking of bows, consider trading a normal necklace for a chiffon bow. Saint Laurent showcased it on the S/S 2013 catwalk, so replicating the look will demonstrate your fashion awareness.  Dress the part with a Saint Laurent original for £215 (ouch) OR (phew!) replicate the look courtesy of a haberdashery. I picked up 1.5m (1” thick) of lace for £1.10 and that’s all you need to recreate this designer look on a budget.

bow tutorial

The job is all but in the bag – but what bag? Last week we considered a few (take a look) and you’ll notice they’re relatively small. What do you really need to take to an interview? Being streamlined looks professional and if they ask for a pen you won’t have to rummage among four lipsticks, six receipts and a rogue fork.

Next week makeup artist Grace Revington will be providing a beauty tutorial to help you achieve a professional pretty, interview look.

[Images reproduced with permission of Stars and Tarts, A Weathered Penny, or my own. Please do not reproduce without permission.]


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